歐博興總部矗立於時尚之都─義大利 米蘭

我們起源於義大利米蘭展會台灣辦事處, 專注於為中國大陸、香港、臺灣等地的產業量身打造引人注目的歐洲展覽及獨特形象設計。

Oboxing has certain advantages in exhibitions in industries such as energy, two-wheeled vehicles, auto parts, light industry, shoemaking related, beauty salons, etc., and its business scope covers Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, etc. In 2015, we undertook the design and construction of 12 projects for the China National Pavilion at the Milan World Expo, and were recognized by the international industry.

Decades of hard work

Founded in 1988, thanks to support from all walks of life
Established branches in Taiwan, Guangzhou and Hong Kong

Exhibition business expands internationally

From organizing exhibition groups to designing and building booths for exhibitors
Business extends from Europe to the United States, Brazil, Türkiye, etc.

European Italian Trade Network Services

Recommended sea and air transport cooperation
Recommended by lawyers and accountants
trade promotion business
Recommended travel accommodation

Exhibitor Guide

The phenomenon of theft in European airports is quite serious, so be sure to pay attention to yourCash for luggage, tickets and passportsand other important items.

1. After arriving at the hotel to register, please contact the representative of the exhibition organization and keep in touch.

2. Ensure that all items have been delivered and check the availability and functionality of the ordered equipment and all supplies.

3. Arrange the booth and conduct final pre-exhibition briefings with the company’s exhibiting employees and translators.

§Please arrive at the venue as early as possible during the exhibition period§

1. Record the situation and requirements of each visiting customer in detail, do not rely on subsequent memory

2. For product needs that you are not sure about, do not agree on the spot. Please report to the headquarters in a timely manner and give a reasonable answer. Once promised, it must be completed on time and quality to gain customer confidence in cooperation.

3. Conduct daily briefings with employees and send daily potential business opportunities and customer information to the company for processing.

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